She thinks she’s queen Elizabeth
but She’s Dirty Gerts to me 

Have you ever heard the phrase: "She thinks she's Queen Elizabeth, but she's Dirty Gerts to me!” No? Well now that you have, come and explore the story behind the saying in Puppetkabob's latest pop-up creation "Dirty Gerts" - a show about growing pains. Made entirely out of re-purposed paper products!

Puppetkabob’s latest creation “Dirty Gerts” is a paper pop-up extravaganza! A groovy blend of historical fiction, 60s pop culture and colorful confetti! Come on get happy with middle schooler Carol Lee Bell - as she finds the fold to fitting in - and discovers the best way is to not actually fit at all! 

I debut “Dirty Gerts” this past spring at the Long Island Children’s Museum and at the New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival and the Skirball Puppetry Festival. 

DG knit.jpg
DG plant.jpg


“Dirty Gerts is a delightful story of growing up in Vermont during the mid-1960s. Using paper pop ups and old style paper dolls, Sarah shows the challenges a young woman confronts about fitting in, creativity and acceptance. Our audiences were compelled to share their own stories with their children and grandchildren.” 

-Long Island Children’s Theater, NY