Make your own pop-up Puppet theater!

Bring your own snowy story to life in this fun workshop. Using simple art materials, children will learn how to create their own paper puppets and table-top scenery inspired by the colorful pop-up book art of The Snowflake Man.  Award-winning puppeteer and artist Sarah Frechette, a graduate of the University of Connecticut's Puppet Arts program, will provide guidance and answer puppetry-related questions throughout.

"Wow, this was a complete art lesson for my child, and I enjoyed creating one too"
-Sullivan Family, MA

Pop-Up Puppet Workshop in action at the Puppet Showplace Theater

This workshop has been conducted at...

  • Puppet Showplace Theater in Brookline, MA
  • Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City, NY
  • Santa Monica Museum of Art in Santa Monica, CA
  • Glencoe Elementary School in Portland, OR (2x)
  • PofA Great Lakes Regional Festival hosted at the Detroit Institute of the Arts in Detroit, MI
  • Georgia Elementary & Middle School, VT