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2019 Image by 3rd grader at the Georgia Elementary & Middle School

2019 Image by 3rd grader at the Georgia Elementary & Middle School

Since 2010, Puppetkabob has been conducting SHADOWS ROCK! residencies with Elementary Schools around Vermont.


  • Students will learn how to blend hand-held lights and old school camera techniques to create a form of shadow puppetry that flows like film.

  • Students will improve drawing, writing and communication skills thru lessons with Puppetkabob.

  • Students will learn about shadows, the oldest known form of puppetry, and how to bring this traditional art form into the 21st century.

  • Students will learn about visual storytelling and how to use the basics of perspective and style to highlight their stories objective.

  • Students will safely incorporate their bodies along with the handmade shadow puppets to show connections, illuminating responsibility and respect to the school community.


“Every year when we get the opportunity to work with Puppetkabob (Sarah and Jason) they bring a unique element of excitement, engagement, and creativity to the classroom. The students look forward to creating their puppets and it brings them a sense of ownership and pride when they finally get to see their puppet on the big stage. This is an amazing experience for the students.”

-Erin Young, 3rd Grade Teacher, GEMS, VT

“The shadow puppet program that Sarah and Jason bring to the classroom is amazing!  Students get to show off their creativity in a unique way and share the experience with the school during the final performance.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah and Jason many times, and students are always engaged and motivated during the whole process!”

-Heather Sikorsky, 3rd Grade Teacher, GEMS, VT

“What a wonderful performance and opportunity for students in our school. Sarah Frechette and Jason Thibodeaux have a unique ability to inspire every student by creating excitement in their learning.  Their facilitation of student work, in such a short period of time, through engagement is masterful.  The final shadow show is phenomenal.”

-Steve Emery, Principal Georgia Elementary & Middle School, VT